About Us

Our ONE Mission

“Our ONE LEGACY TEAM is personally committed to excellence, insuring effectiveness and efficiency in fleet operations”


  1. Service – We strive to listen and understand the uniqueness of each of our
    stakeholders. To respond with diligence. 
  2. Meaningful Difference – We will be trustworthy, committed and compassionate in
    relationship – acting in faith that we are part of a larger collective impact.
  3. Innovation – We work diligently to understand issues and the impacts of our
    actions, to discover best practices and to adopt real, workable solutions. 
  4. Efficiency – Profitability facilitates sustainability in our mission. It is the result of what we do, not the reason for what we do. We will be efficient to positively impact ecology, productivity, morale, and cost of operation. 


As we live out our “ONE LEGACY MISSION”, we see positive impacts in the lives of people - “Manufacturers to riders” - for generations.